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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00, your passwords and credit card numbers could be at risk after a major discovery by a south bay tech company. good evening, everyone. >> new tonight at 11:00, an inadvertent discovery that could lead to millions of stolen passwords. new internet security holes are always popping up, but this is especially dangerous. nbc bay area nanette miranda is
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has more on the security breach that could impact a lot of us. >> this security flaw is serious. it is requiring pass word changes. the bug is two years old but companies just discovered it. the security flaw is called the heartbleed bug. it's in open software which is used to encrypt web communications making it harder to steal your daechlt researchers discovered it while conducting tests on their own products. >> it's a pretty nasty bug. they can decrypt your traffic. they can take user names and passwords and steal your identity. >> and you may not know anyone has taken them. >> there's no way to determine if you have been attacked because it doesn't leave any signs that an attacker has been there. >> david says 66% of all web
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servers in the world use open fsl. so chances are high that the bad guys could get your user names, passwords and credit card information. one security expert said he was able to get a yahoo said he was able to get a pass word with the bug. >> being a consumer i would be concerned. i would think of changing passwords making sure my banks know about it and have fixes in place. >> the good news is companies are starting to be aware of the problem. after it is fixed you should change your passwords. >> people use terrible passwords and don't change them often. we should change them freakily any way. >> reporter: yahoo and several sites said they have updated that problem. as far as changing your password only so do so after the software
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has been fixed. nbc area bay news. say good-bye to the patch. microsoft will no longer support xp operating system. no more security patches for users. the company issued the final four today. expert warn people still using xp will be targets for hackers. it came out before texting and facebook existed. despite its age it is the number two operating system. windows xp is used by atms but banks say they will continue to get support from microsoft. so catch a thief with social media. someone stole a bay area woman's laptop from a cafe in san francisco and instead of waiting for old-fashioned police work she used surveillance video and social media to fight back. we have a live report from jean in san francisco. it helped police to make the arrest. >> it did, jessica. here's what happened. a san francisco woman leaves her laptop and smartphone inside of
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her favorite cafe unattended. they are stolen in a matter of seconds. for most of us, that would be the end of the story. for her it's the beginning of a new chapter. >> so i asked around, hey, what happened to my electronics. and they -- nobody witnessed anyone stealing my computer. >> aryan moon spends her days at joy's place at nob hill, building an iphone app. >> i lost photo shop files and personal text files as well. >> no one at her regular coffee shop saw a thief snag her laptop and phone, but a security camera caught it all. cafe owner stephane pulled an hour of video. >> i always check the videos. she was kind of different. she asked me like where's my file. >> the video shows the suspect in a blue and white striped shirt hanging out at joys for
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over an hour. at one point the suspect appears to ask a customer to watch their stuff while going to the restroom. when she leaves her computer to use the restroom, the thief is up and out of the cafe with her valuables in les than a minute. she posted the video on you tube and her blog asking everyone to share it. two days later, a woman in a financial district spots the suspect heading in to starbucks. >> in the same outfit. she followed them in to the starbucks and waited there, called the cops. >> police arrested paul raynal on monday. she is stunned by the power of social media and community. >> it's absolutely jaw dropping. >> her laptop and phone are still missing but a person she believes was an experienced coffee shop thief is off the streets. moon says the incident will not scare her away from her favorite cafe, but she will no longer leave her valuables unattended.
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as for raynal he is expect ed in court later this week and expecting a long list of charges. >> thank you, jean. it's a common crime. a followup on the fire that burned three homes in san jose yesterday. investigators say that fire was accidental, but they are not revealing anything else about what sparked the fire. the fire destroyed one home and damaged two others yesterday near the west gate shopping center. our continuing coverage of the leland yee scandal. he pleaded not guilty to federal charges of corruption, gun running and other crimes today. yee wasn't the only one claiming innocence. former san francisco cool board president jackson pleaded not guilty to corruption, drug trafficking and arranging a murder for hire. >> raymond is expected to enter a plea of not guilty his attorney is blasting the government. he says there's no against him
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and he's a victim of entrapment and racism. >> reminiscent of the '60s. this is a case where the government infiltrated and created the crime. i relish that. >> he is no stranger to publicity or this line of defense. he successfully defended a black panther leader and represented barry bonds. he plans to enter a plea of not guilty next week. she's thinking about it. hillary clinton says she is mulling over a run for the office in 2016. she said it during a marketing conference in san francisco. >> the hard questions are not do you want to be president? can you win? i mean the hard questions are why? why would you want to do this and what, what can you offer that could make a difference? >> former secretary of state is on a tour of the west coast. she'll be back in the bay area on thursday at an event in san
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jose state. she is the favorite to win the democratic nomination in 2016 even though she hasn't officially entered the race. an event that dates back 1100 years but this year's boston marathon will be like no other. hundreds of runners are choosing to go to boston following last year's bombing. they say it will be as tough on their souls as on their bodies. we have the stories of two local runners. terry. >> one of those runners, a woman in the east bay who remembers so well that joy of crossing the finish line at the boston marathon only to have the sorrow and tragedy blend in. another story from a man in marin who's preparing not only physically but emotionally for that race. dean is training as usual tonight for the boston marathon. this time will be so different from any race he's ever run. in his heart he will be carrying love for a family he's never met but feels he knows so well.
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>> a young boy who lost his life, an 8-year-old boy. he was waiting at the finish line for his father to come across the finish. i have a young son myself who has waited at many finish lines for me to come across. it just -- i still, to this day, tears well up in my eyes when i think of that poor family and that magical moment that was taken from them forever. >> when he crosses the finish line, he knows what he will do. >> i will get that medal around my neck and say a prayer for that family and just vow to myself never to take my family for granted, to the appreciate and love them every day. >> a woman handed me a medal and went like this and just put it over my head when the first explosion occurred. >> she was at the marathon last year and finished the race six minutes before the first bomb went off. >> the feeling of exhallation, at the same time alongside it a
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feeling of tragedy. >> she will be running a different race on the day of the boston marathon but her heart will be beating boston proud as it will for many american s including dean. >> only good can prevail over evil. >> last year, three people killed more than 260 people injured by those two bombs. this year, more than 1 million people expected to line the streets to watch the boston marathon. twice as many as usual. live in marin county, terry mcsweeney, nbc news. >> you can boat in california without requirements but now after an nbc bay area investigation those rules may be changing. what boaters may now be forced to do. >> good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri . we with will talk about how the fog will impact the temperatures in a few minutes. more mothers are staying home but it is not necessarily
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by choice. . also late news on the missing malaysian jet. what ub could be a breakthrough as search crews detect new signals from the black box. coul search crews detect new signals from the black box. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues& great terms& let's close.
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our best ever value plans for business just got even better. now with free broadband for a whole year. two more pings. after hearing only silence yesterday, crews searching the indian ocean for the black boxes from the malaysian air flight heard two more underwater signals today. i could be a huge breakthrough and it's raising hopes the wreckage of the plane will soon be found. once the location is pinpointed a small submarine will be
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deployed to attempt to bring the plane's black box up. searchers need to hurry. the locater beacons may be running out of power. most of us know the rules of the road but how about the rules on the water? california is one of the few states that doesn't require operators to know how to handle a boat before they take one out. >> it is a problem exposed last summer. as a result new legislation is a step closer to being passed in to law. we are joined with the details on the new bill from sacramento. all right. we're having a problem with her signal. we'll try to get back to her in a few minutes. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri as we try to square away our technical problems. it was beautiful day today and maybe the same for tomorrow for the giants game sglit was incredible. plenty of 80s across the area
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and not only that, you guys we had some 90ss. if you felt the heat out there today you weren't far off. if you said it feels close to 100 out here, saratoga 94 degrees. san jose 90. gilroy 90. sew ma 82. the last -- soma 82. last time we saw these temperatures was seven months ago where temperatures ranged 85 to 90 degrees. we are seeing changes and impacting our temperatures as we head throughout tomorrow. the fog at the coastline toward santa cruz is building up at the moment. that is dropping our temperatures as we head throughout tomorrow. get you outside of the sky cam. the thing you will notice right now is it is not fogged n. across the south bay mainly career and across the east bay back to downtown san francisco. as we get in to san francisco, what you will notice is that thin layer of fog.
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winds from the west at 7 miles an hour. it is that fog getting the westerly wind going that will help to drop our temperatures. let's take you to the future cast. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, what you will find for the morning hours is fog up against the coastline. it's not super thick for the interior valley. maybe some in marin counties but clear for the east and south bay. as we head throughout the day, sunny skies return from santa rosa to san jose. as we head throughout the evening hours, the fog will thicken up at the coastline and give an additional layer of cooling throughout the next 72 hours. again, today was the hottest day in the forecast. from here on out, we will start to see the temperatures step down. let's get to the microclimates forecast. throughout wednesday, some sunshine and high clouds passing by. san jose above average but looking warm for this time of
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the year at 81. mainly in the 70s here in san francisco will be one of the coldest locations in the 60s for the valley. after temperatures in the 80s today some will drop close to 20 degrees. we will take you to napa. 81 for the high. 79 santa rosa. east bay. 73 oakland. go inland and a jump in temperatures with the warmer interior valleys helping to trap the heat. 82 walnut creek and pleasantton 85. today was the hottest day of the week and from here on out temperatures will slide down. friday, saturday and sunday, mid to upper 70s. should be at 67 for this time of the year. and still average about ten above that as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. so bad news for the drought, but great news if you have anything planned outdoors the next couple of days. looks perfect across most of california. >> thank you, jeff.
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we'll enjoy it. we will reconnect. >> carrie wilson's daughter was 24 and about to get married when she was killed in a boating accident. >> i planned her funeral instead of they are wedding. >> reporter: do you think it could have been prevented? >> it could have been prevented with boater vessel education. >> reporter: last summer the investigative unit saw some of the problems firsthand. boaters like this, not knowing the basic rules of the waterways. >> know why i pulled you over? no idea whatsoever. >> reporter: since 2007 california has had the most boating accidents. the leading causes of accidents operators not paying attention
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and lack of experience. a fraction are fuelled by alcohol use, yet california is one of five states with no boater education requirement. several bills have been introduced but so far all so have failed. >> something sociassociated wit being in the water, the last place of freedom to those that say they don't want. this what's your reaction? >> we heard the same thing. i used to ride motorcycles and we heard the same thing when we required people to wear helmets. we still wear it. the reality is we will save lives. >> reporter: after our investigation, senator monning and senator mark desaulnier have passed a bill that will require an exam and vessel license to operate in california. >> i think the time has come and some of it has to do with media and you specifically when you shed light on these things. first of all, people who weren't aware of it become aware of it
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and look at it and say this is something we should have done a long time ago. >> especially since similar legislation has shown education can save lives. in 1993, connecticut enacted legislation that required mandatory boating education. since then, the fatality rate there fell by 56%. the accident rate dropped by 18%. sglipt to scream, honestly. the stupidity of it. boating safety is not rocket science. it's common sense. just learn about the vehicle that you are driving. >> reporter: the bill passed in a 7-1 vote. it now heads to the senate appropriations committee. we will follow it and keep you updated on its progress. at the capital, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for investigative unit call
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888-996-tips or you can reach them at the unit@nbc bay a new trend for mothers and a breakthrough in spinal cord research. and of course jimmy. >> hey, guys. anne hathaway is my guest. you have to watch. we're on next.
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staying home with the kids, but it's not always by choice. a study shows 30% of mothers are at home with their children. that's a 3% increase from the last study six years ago. so why? many moms say they work outside the home if they could but they dpientd a job. most impacted are women who are immigrants with little to no college education. major medical breakthrough for people with spinal cord injuries. researchers at the university of louisville say four paralyzed men are now able to move their legs. an electrical stimulator
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implanted on the spinal cord is retraining the nerves in the men's legs to work with the brain again. they can now flex their toes, ankles and move their knees. one is even able to stand. more than 1 million people are paralyzed with spinal cord injuries. all the pomp and circumstance from home opener and news about pablo sandoval and his future with the giants.
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took us to the ballpark today. gerard moncure is back in the come cast studio. did you try the pickle chips? >> no pickle chips but i had a spicy chili dog, a regular hot dog with mustard and onions, and garlic fries. >> oh. >> he may not make it through the sportscast. >> that's opening day for you right there. when you have perfect opening day weather you need a perfect performance from the home team. the giants weren't perfect but close. gorgeous home opener at at&t. the lineup announced. bat kid riding in the lamborghi lamborghini. the the giants broadcaster miller took a foam moment to get
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in on the selfy craze sweeping the nation. a beautiful day in the ballpark by the bay. other members of the giants extended family in the house. bottom of the first, two-run jack to right. his fifth in eight games. just like that 2-0 giants. bottom of the third, michael morris continues to contribute. the single to right. and hunter pence, 5-1 g-men. hudson on the hill in his home debut. eighth inning, harmless ground ball. hudson eight complete innings, seven hits, two earned runs no walks giants win 7-3. >> feels great to be out this a and competing. great atmosphere. fans were awesome. beautiful day. guys came to play today. >> in what has been a near perfect start to the season for the g movie men unsettling news,
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fabbian said he is probably at the end of the rope concerning contract talks with pablo sandoval. the giants offered three years, 40 million. he wants five years, 90 million. looks like he will play this season for his next contract. today marks the 40th anniversary of hank aaron's 715th home run. the shot that gave him sole possession of first place on the all-time career home run list. a record babe ruth had held for 50 years. milo hamilton, the braves announcer in 1974 remembers. >> i saw him hit his first home run as a rookie off the grisly old veteran who had been traded by the yankees to the cardinals. so he started off with a bang and little did i realize that i'd do book ends, one and 715. >> baseball's golden era. good stuff. his record of 755 career home
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runs until bonds broke it in august 2007 in front of the home crowd at at&t park. all right finally ncaa women's championship game. notre dame and uconn both undefeated coming in. first half, stewart regathers her dribble and knocks down the off balance shot. the foul. huskies by seven at the half. second half uconn up by nine. stewart drops in the reverse layup. 21 points and nine rebounds for the sophomore. 79-58. uconn finishes 40-0. geno wins his ninth title. the most in women's ncaa history. david lee will miss thursday's game against the nuggets with a hamstring issue. no time set for his return are. of course we have the sharks and the ducks tomorrow. first place on the line in the pacific. should be a good one. >> he made it through with the chili dog and hot dog. >> he needs to go home and have
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some antacid. thank you. we'll be right back.
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>> the music is returning to golden gate park if san francisco. the music and arts festival was announced today. the most anticipated musical event in the area. the headliners kanye west, tom petty and the heart breakers an the killers.
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others include mclemore and lewis. the festival is in august and tickets go on sale this friday for $255 for the three-day pass. ouch. >> jeff can tell us it will be warm in august. >> might get an off-shore wind event, some 70s and 80s. >> you have the six-month forecast. >> a little fog happening in the sky camera network. you can see it there. it will help to drop temperatures tomorrow. upper 80s and low 90s. the 80s the next couple of days. >> thank you for joining us here at 11:00. jimmy fallon is next. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- anne hathaway. marlon wayans. musical guest, yusuf.


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